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Elegant, reliable, and easy to install and use, the MultiShade is a sturdy outdoor shade that you can install in front of a window or block the sun under a pergola, gazebo, or balcony.

It is compatible with any overture. It opens up to 10 feet high and offers a 5% openness to high-quality mesh. Assembled in Canada with high-quality materials, they are awnings compatible with modern architecture.

Did you know that when a Multishade is installed outside your window, it absords the heat caused by sunlight? This phenomenon reduces heat radiation on the surface of your window panes.  The Multishade will help reduce your electricity consumption form your air conditioning system.

Available with a black or white casing and a manual mechanism with the gear on the right or a motorized mechanism with a left or right orientation.

Mechanism :

Mechanism side :

Structure Color : Cream

Mesh Color** : White

Price $955.00 USD

* Prices are in American dollars. Taxes not included.
** Please note that the image of the fabric color may vary slightly from reality depending on the screen used (computer, tablet, phone etc.).

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