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How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1985.

We have since gone on to be the largest manufacturer of awnings and shade in Canada. We are also pioneers in the e-commerce business with more than 12 years of experience shipping made-to order awnings to happy customers.

Do you offer installation services?

All products presented are offered online since they are easy to install. Our prices do not include installation and we supply a detailed installation manual to expand on all potential queries you may have.  We also have a wide variety of videos that range from installations to maintenance.  It is recommended to use a carpenter or helper if you are installing the product yourself. If you need a professional installer, we can help you identify such a contractor. Installation manuals are available for download on each product page.  The videos are available on the website, see section Video Tutorials.

Can you provide someone to measure the area of my installation?

We offer a practical measuring guide to help you with the dimensions required for the width and extension of your awning or your solar shade. If you have difficulty with certain details, please call our Customer Service and one of our agents will gladly help you.


Measuring guide

Are there any delivery charges?

The price of your awning or solar shade includes delivery to the closest urban center. You can pick up your order from there or ask us for a quote for end delivery.

Shipping for small items (less than 8' long) is included.

How long does it take to be delivered?

Your order will be delivered approximately 3-5 weeks after order date.

If you choose the end delivery option, the freight company delivering your awnings or large shade  will call you or e-mail you in advance to schedule a convenient time for delivery to your home. The driver will generally place the awning in your driveway or next to your home, if accessible.

Smaller shades and accessories (less than 8') will be delivered by courrier without appointment.

Will I need to hire an electrician?

In most cases, there will be no need to install an electrical outlet to plug your awning or solar shade. All these products work with normal 110 volts outlets, which are installed to building code. It is highly recommended these outlets be GFI compatible. All our products have plug-in wires ranging from 15 to 24 feet.

Can I get color samples?

Contact us to receive up to 6 free fabric samples of your choice.


[email protected]

How far will it extend from the wall, when fully opened?

Your awning extends out to three potential lengths from the house, but can be partially opened at any position.

Do I have to take the awning or the solar shade down and store it over the winter?

If you have a traditional awning, just close it and leave it on your home all winter long. Our fabric has been designed to withstand the weather year round.  If your awning is not protected by an overhang, we recommend protecting it with a soft cover.

The Brasilia Slim product can be left closed all winter. Our fabric has been designed to withstand the weather year round. The casing offers a maximum protection year round.

Your Multiple Shade product should be closed all winter. Leave the casing into place through out the winter.

What is the pitch of the awning?

The awning’s pitch is set at our factory to a slope of 18?. During the installation or at any other moment, you can readjust the pitch of the awning with a few simple steps, if desired. Please review the installation manual for the procedure or consult our videos.

Can I use my awning when it's windy?

Your awning is designed to protect you while you are enjoying the outdoors. You should retract it when not in use. It is not recommended to leave it open under high winds.

And for greater safety, a wind sensor is included with motorized awnings, which  helps protect your investment under weather stress.

Does the solar shade actually protect against the sun and heat?

Your MultiShade has an openness of 5%, it blocks most of the sun while allowing a soft light, keeping you and your home cooler. In addition, it helps keep harmful UV rays from your furniture and flooring, increasing their lifetime.

Does the awning really make my deck or patio cooler?

Your awning will keep your deck or patio cooler, the temperature difference can reach up to 11 C degrees. It will also prevent the sun from shining through your doors and windows, which will lower your need for air conditioning and protect your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays.

What maintenance do I need to perform on my awning or solar shade?

All our Brasilia awnings or MultiShade solar shades are designed to be virtually maintenance free. Periodic cleaning of the fabric will help extend the life of the fabric and prevent mildew formation. The awning frame is painted with durable powder-coated paint for long lasting beauty.