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About us

Multiple Awnings is Canada’s largest manufacturer of awnings and shades. We have over 35 years of experience designing, building and installing awnings, shades and solariums during which we have developed an unchallenged leadership.

Facade of plant

We make it our mission to offer the best service, the best products and the latest trends in the industry. We have surrounded ourselves with world class suppliers, an R&D team, qualified technicians and a seasoned customer service team able to provide customers with guidance and answer all their questions.

We have been in the e-commerce business since 2006 when we were amongst the first businesses chosen to supply Costco in its online foray. We have since acquired a solid experience moving these products across the USA and Canada, packaging them and supporting customers in their buying experience. From choosing the product, to receiving and installing it, and beyond. was born of a desire to make the purchase of an awning or shade simple and accessible for as many people as possible, in big cities or in rural areas. You will find all our most popular products accompanied by clear instructions and an in-house devoted customer support team.

Sewing department


These products are all assembled by our team in our plant east of Montreal, Canada. Each online order is received, verified by a person and imported in our production planning suite. Within 2 business hours, the order is turned into a unique work order and within 4 business hours, it is sent to the production department where it is, cut, sewn and assembled to your exact specifications and under exacting quality assurance standards. It is then packaged in our engineered packaging system and shipped with our carefully selected carriers.

You will receive a configuration confirmation e-mail and a separate e-mail with your tracking number. And if you have any questions, our customer service department is available 104 hours a week to assist you.